Since 1997, Carrollton City Schools, the Carroll County School System and Bremen City Schools have shared a funding mechanism that has allowed all three school systems to greatly enhance/expand their facilities, technology and pursue other capital improvements. The Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax, or SPLOST, is a 1-cent sales tax that is presented to the voters via referendum every five years and is in the middle of its fourth renewal. Voters approved this proposal, for 2013-2017, in March 2011.

While operations of all three school systems are primarily funded by state allocations and local property taxes, SPLOST can only be used for capital projects or to pay off debt. It cannot pay teacher salaries, pay utility bills or purchase books. What it can do is allow school systems to spend SPLOST on “brick and mortar” and other tangible expenditures, such as technology, freeing school budgets to use property taxes and state revenue to fund the day-to-day operations of the school systems.

For the next SPLOST cycle, the Carrollton City School System will seek support for a new Carrollton High School, currently under construction and funded through a bond referendum voters overwhelmingly approved in March 2015. If approved, the SPLOST V funds will be used to pay off the bonds already secured via property taxes, avoiding a tax increase for property owners.