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Southwire Company

The success of Carrollton High School’s STEM program and the ongoing commitment of Southwire to support educational initiatives in the community has led to a unique partnership that exposes CHS students who interested in engineering to practical application of the profession.

The Southwire Engineering Academy (SWEA) is a cooperative education program currently offered to 20 juniors and seniors. Combining a focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics with hands-on experience and mentoring, SWEA empowers, inspires and prepares students for futures in engineering.

Tanner Health System

Carrollton High School students also have internship opportunities at Tanner Health System, including the  Information Technology Department and healthcare-related areas.

Another partnership with Tanner offers a school-based mental health specialist, provided by Willowbrooke, Tanner’s behavioral health service provider. This partnership facilitates better communication and identification of students with needs in this area of service.

Public Safety

A collaborative partnership with the Carrollton Police Department and the Carroll County Emergency Management Agency continues to produce improvements to school safety. Both entities assist the district in conducting safety drills on campus and provide significant assistance in inclement weather preparations and offer other services.


For more than a decade, Carrollton City Schools has enjoyed the support of financial partner Walmart, including individual stores, the corporate foundation and  Since 2002, Walmart has given Carrollton City Schools more than $1.4 million, not including in-kind and volunteer contributions.