Maierhofer: Carrollton City Schools was best choice for our family

The following column by Peter Maierhofer, director of the Carrollton Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department, was published Oct. 9 in the Times-Georgian, a local newspaper,  and is reprinted here with Maierhofer’s permission. 

Peter Maierhofer

Peter Maierhofer

When Mandy and I moved back to Carrollton in 1999 so I could take a job with the parks and recreation department in Carrollton, we were very apprehensive about moving back to the town we both grew up in. We had some great times in Atlanta after college, and then in Newnan where we lived in a cute little home in the historic district. All we remember from high school is that all of our friends were ready to move on, and get out of small-town Carrollton. Both our families seemed to know everyone so any trouble we thought about getting into usually meant that someone your parents knew would catch you and report back what a knucklehead you were.

In 2000 we had our first of three daughters, Maddie Grace, and over the next few years I became outnumbered by females in our home. When the discussion of schools came up with our daughters as they got older we did not hesitate about sending them to the Carrollton City Schools. We both graduated from Carrollton in 1990, and we turned out just fine. I have a master’s degree, and my wife is currently working on hers, so we both must have learned something in our formative years at Carrollton.

Over the years, we have listened to countless friends of ours tell us that they want to put their kids in private schools, or smaller public schools so that their kids get the attention they deserve, and can learn more in a smaller setting. We now have a daughter in 10th grade, eighth grade and fourth grade, and we could not be happier with the attention our girls have received from teachers at Carrollton. More important, our daughters have developed well socially growing up at Carrollton. The school system, from Dr. Albertus on down, makes every effort to see that your child is well taken care of and learning at a high level.

Then you throw in the extracurricular activities that kids can be a part of, and Mandy and I quickly realized we made a great decision for our girls. I am proud of our school system, and more important, I am proud of the relationship that our parks and recreation department has with the city school system. We partner on just about everything, which in turn makes for a great community. Carrollton is an awesome town to raise a family, nurture your children, and then set them free when they graduate to set the world on fire.

Choosing where you send your children for school is a huge personal decision for parents. Our daughters are smart, articulate, have developed socially, and are maturing into lovely young ladies. What more could a parent ask for from a school system? Thank you Dr. Albertus, teachers and staff. The smartest decision we made was moving back to Carrollton.