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Trojan Band reveals new uniform design to debut next marching season
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Julianne Foster

Trojan band students modeled sample uniforms to introduce the updated look to fellow band members earlier this year. The new uniform look was revealed to the public Thursday afternoon at the conclusion of the annual CHS Band Boosters Barbecue.


Uniforms possible thanks to school, district, and community support

The decades-old tradition of supporting the Carrollton High School Trojan Band with the purchase of a barbecue sandwich was extra satisfying this year when Director Chris Carr revealed the new uniform the band will wear next marching season during the band's annual barbecue fund-raising event Thursday evening.  

Carr thanked band boosters and the community for their support before the reveal during the band’s appreciation show at the end of the day, pictured at right. The band holds several fundraisers a year to support the program, including the annual spring barbecue and the popular All-in-One fruit and meat sale in November, plus several other events. He said over the last few years money has been set aside in anticipation of the growing need for new uniforms. These dollars came from the fund-raising efforts and frugal management of the band’s annual school budget. 

“The last time we were able to take a picture like this was about a decade ago,” Carr told parents sitting in the visitors stands during the performance. He then shared the outcome of his meeting with CHS Principal David Brooks and district Supt. Dr. Mark Albertus when he outlined the program’s efforts to raise money for the uniforms and its need for more. He ended up getting approval from both and a nod of support from the Carrollton Board of Education to move forward. 

"This is major support from our school system,"  he said to the parents. "So if you get a chance, especially if you see them in person, please thank them.” VIDEO OF REVEAL

Carr said the uniforms are anticipated to be ready by marching season this August barring any delays in production. “The new design a modern new look while retaining traditional elements that honor our well-established legacy and identity,” he said. 

The new uniform features a vest construction which allows the band to customize the look for different occasions.  During performances in hotter climates the vest may be worn with a short sleeve uniform shirt that will provide a professional look while keeping students safe from overheating.  Carr said, in addition, the undershirt may be worn separately from the vest, reducing the wear-and-tear of the formal uniform components. 

“The uniform features many adaptable components to allow modernization of the Trojan Band look that will aid in our competitive pursuits while allowing us to make choices for a traditional look during appropriate performances,” said Carr.