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CES, CJHS STEM Scholars presented awards


CES, CJHS STEM Scholars presented awards
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Presentation at CES: Don Barbour, GYSTC board chair; Annette Perkins; Tracey Cleek; and Kylie Carroll, CES principal.

Awards presentation postponed because of pandemic

Carrollton Elementary School teachers Tracey Cleek and Annette Perkins and Carrollton Junior High teacher Ashley Soulsby,  named Georgia STEM Scholars by the Georgia Youth Science and Technology Centers, finally received formal acknowledgment of the honor this week when Don Barbour, GYSTC state board chairman, visited them in person to present custom blown-glass trophies designed just for them. 

Cleek, A 2021 designee, was recognized for her involvement in the Carrollton City Schools “STREAM” initiative, created through a partnership with the stream restoration environmental firm CS Britton Inc. Cleek and other teachers developed real-world learning experiences using Buffalo Creek that runs through campus as a classroom, teaching students about plants, wildlife, and the human impact on the natural environment. She also was instrumental in the formation of the school’s bird club and this work led to the installation of a Georgia Audubon bird garden earlier this month. 

Perkins, a 2020 award recipient, was recognized for her "Farm to Table" initiative that involved a partnership with the district's School Nutrition program. Students planted three gardens using internet resources to design, propagate and harvest leafy green vegetables that ultimately were served in the school cafeteria. The project taught various gardening methods, growth measurements, plant cultivation and journaling of the project’s progress and results.

Soulsby also was a 2020 award recipient. Her classroom lessons also involved stream conservation. In “Velocity Values,” her students measured speed, velocity and acceleration standards of the water flow in Buffalo Creek. They worked in groups to observe, collect and record data in two separate experiments, then compared results. Students used methods that involved multiple STEM disciplines that can be applied not only in water flow observation, but in other real-world applications as well.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, ceremonies when they would have been presented their gifts were canceled. Barbour has been visiting schools across the state to make the presentations in person. “We appreciate Mr. Barbour coming to campus to recognize the outstanding work of our teachers in being named Georgia STEM Scholars,” said Dr. Anna Clifton, assistant superintendent of Teaching and Learning for Carrollton City Schools.

GYSTC is a private, not-for-profit educational organization designed to increase interest in and enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) as subjects for serious study for K-8 grade levels teachers and students. 

Presentation at CJHS: Ashley Soulsby with her class; Travis Thomaston, CJHS principal; and Don Barbour, GYSTC board chair.