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Robison's passion for the environment has become a lifestyle


Robison's passion for the environment has become a lifestyle

Megan Robison examines a plant at a garden in San Francisco.

Class of 2010 chemical engineer uses skills to change world

In this ongoing series, we reach out to CHS alumni to learn what they are doing now that they have the advantage of experience, education and self-reflection. This month’s pick is Megan Robison, Class of 2010. Megan, a chemical engineer who currently lives on her late grandparents’ farm in Bowdon, is passionate about the environment and is determined to do what she can to educate others on how to save our planet. 

EDUCATIONAL PURSUITS:  Megan, who was an MVP soccer player for the Lady Trojans and performed in the CHS band, attended Georgia Tech after high school where her interest in sustainability began to blossom while she studied chemical and biomolecular engineering, specifically the biotechnology track. “I became interested in sustainable materials while taking a bioprocessing class and learning about biodegradable plastics.” 

Megan Robison and her sister Kayla (Class of 2012) at an Atlanta United soccer game.

EMPLOYMENT: After earning her chemical engineering degree from Tech, Megan moved to Knoxville, Tenn., to work for Techmer PM and develop colorants for the automotive and consumer packaged goods industry. She later moved to Atlanta to work for Printpack, a consumer packaged goods company that also has a strong presence in Carroll County. She is currently the senior Product Stewardship engineer focused on recyclable and compostable packaging for foods like chips, salad and pet food. She also holds leadership roles in industry groups such as the Sustainable Packaging Coalition.

HOBBIES: Megan enjoys mountain and road biking, gardening (she ejoys growing organic foods on her grandparents’ farm), hiking, live music/festivals, and – not surprisingly – is a fan of Atlanta United and the U.S. Women’s National soccer teams. 

PROFESSIONAL ASPIRATIONS: “I will continue to educate people about recycling and composting while working with international brands to switch their packaging over to recyclable and compostable solutions. My main goal is to help drive the U.S. to a sustainable economy to bring down carbon emissions and ocean plastics while doing our part in addressing climate change. We must do everything we can to save our world for generations after us. The first and easiest step that you can take is to recycle (correctly)!” 

PERSONAL ASPIRATIONS: “I am devoting my life to addressing the many dangers of climate change and ocean pollution while educating people to take the power into their own hands. We have the power to change our society for the better. I also want to show the next generation of women that they can be engineers in an influential role and make a difference, too!” 

“I have been passionate about the environment since I was a kid watching ‘Captain Planet’ and running around my grandparents’ farm. Our earth is sacred, and we have a duty to protect it and be good stewards during our time here.”