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CMS eighth-graders earn more than 200 high school credits

Last year's eighth-grade class at Carrollton Middle School collectively earned an impressive 215 high school credits before entering their freshman year of high school. 

Rising freshman Nand Patel engaged with his peers in Holly Lane’s Honors World Geography Class at Carrollton Middle School last year. Students who took the course received high school credit.

At CMS, students have the unique opportunity to enroll in five high school credit courses: Spanish I, Honors World Geography, Honors Physical Science, Algebra I, and Introduction to Software Technology. These courses are designed to challenge students and provide them with a strong academic foundation, offering a head start on their high school journey.

The high school credit courses at CMS allow students to take more advanced courses once they transition to Carrollton High School. For example, students who complete Spanish I at CMS can earn at least two additional foreign language credits at CHS. Similarly, those who take Algebra I can pursue advanced-level math courses throughout high school, while the Physical Science course opens up room for additional science courses. 

New to CMS this year and exclusive to the school is the World Geography course, which will support the curriculum for rigorous social studies courses at CHS. This class aims to enhance students' understanding of global perspectives and prepare them for higher-level social studies coursework.

CMS Principal Eric Simmons said students who opt to take these high school courses at CMS are held to the same standards and expectations as their high school counterparts.

“Our teachers collaborate closely with teachers at the high school to ensure the continuity and fidelity of the courses, ensuring that students receive a seamless educational experience,” said Simmons. 

Simmons added that many students who choose to take high school courses at CMS plan to join the International Baccalaureate (IB) program or aim to take as many high-level courses as possible during their high school years.

“This early exposure to advanced coursework helps students and parents begin to envision their path to college and tailor their academic journey to meet their individual goals.”