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The sound of inclusion rings loud and clear at CCS

In a testament to resilience and the unyielding spirit of the human will, Carrollton High School student Jack Lenaeus has found a unique way to experience the excitement of sports despite facing the challenge of blindness. 

Jack has been avidly tuning in to the Trojan Nation Network and using audio to immerse himself into the thrill of high school sports.

“TNN has enabled me to listen to many CHS sporting events, something I was unable to do before,” said Jack.

TNN features weekly podcasts with teachers, students, administrators, and coaches with the goal of keeping the community informed about things happening on campus. In addition to the podcasts, TNN provides audio broadcast coverage for all Trojan football games and select broadcasts for all other Trojan teams.

Jack lost most of his eyesight when he was four months old due to a severe case of retinopathy of prematurity that did not respond to surgical treatment. He has had over a dozen eye surgeries since he was born at 25 weeks gestational age.

“Jack has never met a stranger and loves talking about sports and weather with friends wherever he goes,” said Laura Lenaeus, Jack’s mother. “He enjoys being part of the morning broadcast team as the weather reporter and singing in CHS chorus productions.” 

Carrollton High School student Jack Lenaeus was a special guest host on the Trojan Nation Network last week. Jack is visually impaired and TNN has helped enhance his experience with Trojan sports. Pictured from left are Matt Skinner, TNN host, and Jack Lenaeus, CHS student.

Last week, Jack had the opportunity to be a special guest host on the TNN broadcast.

“I really enjoyed being on TNN,” said Jack. “I have wanted to be on a broadcast since I started listening last fall."

Jack’s mother said though he has faced many challenges in his life, he’s worked hard to overcome them.

“Jack has faced many hurdles along the way physically, medically and academically,” said Lenaeus. “He has worked incredibly hard to meet these challenges and continues to find solutions and adaptations that allow him to get the most out of life, and he does it with a level of energy and enthusiasm that is unmatched.”

Matt Skinner, TNN host, said he was happy to learn that Jack listens to the broadcasts. 

“It’s awesome to see how the network has enhanced his experience with sports in ways he couldn't access before."

In a world so often dominated by visual stimuli, Jack's story shows how determination and innovation can lead to inclusion. It's not only a personal triumph but also a reminder of the need for accessible avenues, ensuring every student can connect with their school community.

TNN has seen success in its inaugural year with more than 1,600 app downloads between Apple and Google Play. There are currently 28 podcast episodes and 30 live broadcasts that have been produced.