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Accountability Reports

College and Career Readiness Performance Index

What is CCRPI?

The College and Career Readiness Performance Index, a Georgia Department of Education accountability measure, provides comprehensive assessments of schools to determine their success in promoting the college and career readiness of their students. All state schools, K-12, are individually evaluated in five areas of performance to determine their CCRPI score.

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In 2012, Georgia and 10 other states were granted waivers from accountability requirements of the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act, more commonly known as No Child Left Behind. For Georgia, CCRPI replaced Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) as the state’s new public school accountability measure.


Since CCRPI is relatively new, feedback from educational partners and the public were critical to ensure its effectiveness as a meaningful measure of school performance. Following the release of the 2012 scores, feedback prompted a re-evaluation of the tool that resulted in an assessment index demanding higher performance expectations. This change effectively lowered school scores statewide for 2013. The 2012 scores were then recalculated to bring them in line with the new evaluation standards for accurate “apples to apples” comparison purposes. This means that, statewide, the scores of 2012 are now lower that originally reported last year.

In addition to being more rigorous than AYP, the effectiveness of CCRPI lies in its structure. CCRPI has multiple indicators to determine a school’s performance, rather than using a single test score given at one point in time. This evaluation method gives a more accurate representation of a school’s overall effectiveness.

Here are links to state documents and the Georgia DOE website that will provide you with more information.

Georgia DOE CCRPI-Accountability webpage


While the re-tooling of CCRPI reflects a higher expectation for student performance that resulted in lower-than-acceptable school “grades” across the state, Carrollton City Schools embraces this change without hesitation. Georgia school districts now get a better reflection of their effectiveness from a broader perspective, which will allow them the opportunity to seize success through increased rigor and higher expectations to ensure their students are able to compete successfully in an increasingly global society.