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21st Century


All four Carrollton City schools offer unique after-school enrichment/remediation programs that specifically target academically at-risk students. The seed money and much of current operating costs of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers are funded by a U.S. Department of Education initiative that supports the centers, which operate during out-of-school hours and that have three specific purposes: To provide opportunities for academic enrichment and tutorial services; to offer students a broad array of additional services, programs and activities to reinforce and complement the regular academic program; and to offer families of 21st CCLC students opportunities for literacy and related educational development. The programs have been so successful they have received renewal grants for continuation.


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Click below to learn more about the specific 21st CCLCs by school and to view each school's most recent performance reviews. For access to previous evaluations, please contact the 21st CCLC program director, Travis Thomaston at travis.thomaston@carrolltoncityschools.net.