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Gifted Services

Carrollton City Schools offers gifted education services for all eligible students. Curriculum and instruction are specifically designed for the gifted learner. A minimum of five segments per week of differentiated instruction for gifted learners is provided through the Georgia Department of Education approved delivery models for gifted education. The following delivery models are utilized: advanced content class, resource class, collaborative teaching, mentorship/internship.

A detailed explanation of delivery models is provided in Appendix A of the Georgia Department of Education Resource Manual for Gifted Education Services. In addition, the Carrollton Board of Education has adopted a Challenge Gifted Services Administrative Policies and Procedures Plan.


We value your input. Please contact us if you have questions, concerns or suggestions for improvement:

Phone: 770-834-7077

Or email:

Susan Gordy, Support Services Coordinator

Mary Raburn , Director of Student Services

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.