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The Carrollton City Schools Education Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to provide financial resources to support programs that directly impact teaching and learning at Carrollton City Schools.

In additional to a general endowment to carry out the mission of the foundation, the foundation administers several academic scholarships offered each year to Carrollton High School students. Some of the scholarships are funded by independent endowments and others are funded each year by the originating donors.

CCS Education Foundation Scholarships

Click on the link below to learn more about scholarships awarded through the CCS Education Foundation.

All applications must be turned in to Sally Ingui, scholarship coordinator, Carrollton High School Career Center. Deadlines for the scholarships on this page is March 24 each year. For other scholarship information, contact Mrs. Ingui’s office at 770-834-7726.

Scholarship recipients are announced each spring at the CHS Academic Awards program, usually held in late April.


Scholarship Policies and Procedures

Water Bill Roundup

Carrollton City Schools is fortunate to have the support of city residents through the water bill roundup program. This program allows city water residents to round up their water bill to the nearest dollar. All proceeds from this opt-in program benefit the programs and mission of the CCS Education Foundation. To learn more or opt in to the program, please click on the link below.


Employee Giving Campaign

The faculty and staff of Carrollton City Schools not only provide for students in the classroom each day, they give back to their schools through the employee giving campaign. Each dollar contributed through paycheck deduction goes toward programs that benefit students and instruction in our classrooms. To enroll in the employee giving campaign through payroll deduction, please click on the link below.


For more information on how you can support the CCS Education Foundation, please contact:

Board of Directors

Chuck Harper, President
Ben Garrett, Vice President
Charlie Murrah, Treasurer
Sandra Camp
Melina Douthit
David Godwin
Jennifer Green
Burt Grisham
Wendy Lucio
Greg Schulenburg
Matilda Strickland
Katie Williams
CCS System Teacher of the Year
Dr. Mark Albertus, Ex-Officio
Laurie Fleck, Executive Director