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Bike Helmet Fitting Tips


It’s great to see so many students and parents walking and biking to school! As the daylight hours are rapidly getting less, please be aware the Greenbelt is open dawn to dusk if you are using it to get to school from the Hay’s Mill and Target trailheads. Before you leave for school, check the time for sunrise to determine if you can use the Greenbelt. Also, if riding your bike, remember to stay on the right, pass on the left, control your speed, and slow down in tight passages! We are hopeful you will find the following guidelines for proper helmet fitting useful.

Safe travels,
Safe Routes to School Task Force

The Proper Helmet Fit

Helmets come in various sizes, just like hats. Size can vary between manufacturers. Follow the steps to fit a helmet properly. It may take a little time to ensure a proper helmet fit. It’s usually easier to look in the mirror or have someone else adjust the straps. For the most comprehensive list of helmet sizes according to manufacturers, go the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute (BHSI) website

Fitting Your Bike Helmet